Master Program “Research on Learning and Instruction” at Augsburg University

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to draw your attention to the Master Program Research on Learning and Instruction (in English language) at Augsburg University.
In this Master Program, students acquire profound knowledge and skills related to research on learning and instruction.
The program prepares graduates for careers in educational research (e.g., within PhD programs) as well as for top positions in educational practice.
This Master Program is characterized by discussions about a broad range of interdisciplinary theories and perspectives on learning and instruction and a strong curriculum to advance student’s skills related to methods of research on learning and instruction.
Students can choose from the following areas of research: Cognitive and instructional processes of learning and instruction, Motivational and emotional processes of learning and instruction, Learning and teaching with media, Teacher professionalism and heterogeneity,
Technology-Supported Assessment and Facilitation of Learning and Teaching.
Deadline for the application for the winter semester: 15.6.2023
You can find more information under the following link