About Us

In order to promote and raise the reputation of higher vocational education in Serbia, the Government of the Republic of Serbia established the Academy of applied Technical and prescholl teacher Studies Nis – ATPSS on May 31, 2019, which includes three institutions: The College of applied technical Studies Nis, College of Applied studies Vranje and the College of applied preschool teacher studied Pirot. In this way, it has contributed to a more effective, efficient and economical acievement of the goals of vocational higher education and its connection with the needs of the labor market.
The ATPSS is among the first accredited higher education institutions in Serbia in the field of industrial, traffic and civil engineering, communication technologies, information systems and technologies, production economics, food technology, furniture and interior engineering, entrepreneurial management and education of preschool teachers. institutions.
The program orientation of the ATPSS reflects modern trends of higher vocational education, dual concept of study, with student internship as a key basis for the development and formation of professionals who will be competitive not only in the domestic but also in European and world labor markets.
The ATPSS has a clear vision of its role in improving the system of vocational education in Serbia, as well as its strategic orientation towards the needs of society and modern educational tendencies. The ATPSS performs its activity through the realization of basic, specialist and master vocational studies in several scientific and professional fields.
2000 students, 100’s of teaching staff, modern laboraotires, and modern equipments, are the good base for our future development.