About Us

The Academy of Applied Technical and Preschool Studies was established by Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia 05 No: 022-5271/2019 of May 30, 2019 (“Official Gazette of the RS” No. 38/2019) by the status change of the merger of the College of Applied Technical Sciences Nis, College of Applied Professional Studies Vranje and College of Applied Preschool Studies Pirot.

The Academy consists of three Department-sections: Department-Section Nis, Department-Section Vranje, and Department-Section Pirot.

The Academy is an accredited independent public institution that provides undergraduate, specialist and master vocational studies (first and second level of higher education).

All study programs on undergraduate,specialist and master studies are accredited, developed according to the principles of Bologna declaration and harmonized with the regulations of the Law on Higher Education.

By conducting evaluation through its quality policy, the Academy strives towards continual improvement of the teaching process leading to higher quality of studying.