Erasmus+ ISCED Codes detail description

  • 0112 Training for pre-school teachers
  • 0610 Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), not further defined
  • 0719 Road Traffic (Department: Traffic engineering)
  • 0732 Building and civil engineering (Department: Traffic engineering)
  • 0712 Environmental protection technology (Department: Environmental protection)
  • 0714 Electronics and automation
  • 0715 Mechanics and metal trades (Department: Mechanical engineering)
OSS (Basic vocational studies)
  • 0712 Technology of environmental protection (Department: Environmental protection)
  • 0388 Interdisciplinary programs and qualifications that include social science, journalism and media (Department: Production economics)
  • 0413 Management and administration (Department: Entrepreneurial management)
  • 0715 Mechanical engineering and metalworking (Department: Mechanical engineering)
  • 0716 Motor vehicles, ships and aircrafts (Department: Traffic engineering)
  • 0721 Food production (Department: Food technology)
  • 0722 Production and processing of materials (Department: Furniture design and interior engineering)
SSS (Specialist vocational studies)
  • 0710 Engineering and branches of engineering (which are not defined any further) (Department: Engineering management)
MSS (Master of vocational studies)
  • 0311 Economics (Department: International economics and entrepreneurship)
  • 0721 Food production (Department: Technological engineering)