Selection Procedure

Selection Procedure

Step 1

Eligibility check

  1. Home HEI performs the eligibility check (Erasmus+ Programme eligibility requirements are met, all necessary documents are included in the application file, the applicant is enrolled in the respective home university) and the academic assessment of all their outgoing applicants. Ineligible applications and applications which do not get the minimum grade 5* will be rejected. The others are declared as admissible and graded by the respective home university.
  2. The grading scale will run from 5 to 10 and the marks will have the following meanings: 5- fail, 6 sufficient, 7 satisfactory, 8 good, 9 very good, 10 excellent.

Step 2. 

Academic compatibility

Applications declared admissible by their home HEI are further checked by the host HEIs to which candidates applied for. Candidates who, for academic reasons (such as academic incompatibility, lack of an appropriate coordinator/ contact person at the host university or lack of appropriate resources necessary for the proposed mobility), may not be hosted by the host university are rejected.

Step 3. 

Provisional results

The provisional results are communicated by each home HEI to its candidates so that the rejected applicants may be given the possibility to appeal against the decision within 48 hours.

Rejected applicants are informed on the reason for their rejection.

Step 4. 

Distribution of scholarships

Academy Nis will perform the distribution of scholarships based on the available Erasmus+ budget for the respective program/Partner Country, type and level of mobility.

Step 5. 

Final selection

Following the distribution of scholarships performed by Academy Nis, each home HEI concludes the selection procedure, deciding on the status of its Erasmus+ candidates (selected / reserve / rejected). Final results are posted on the project website.

Selected candidates have to confirm their participation at the Erasmus+ mobility within 96 hours since the communication.

Candidates who are admitted following the academic evaluation of the home university and for whom the academic compatibility is confirmed, but who may not be granted an Erasmus+ scholarship due to the available budget, are declared reserve candidates. They can be selected following the drop-out of nominated candidates or in case additional funds are awarded to Academy Niš for the respective type of mobility and country.

Invitation letters

The Department of International Relations of Academy Niš issues invitation letters for the Erasmus+ mobility beneficiaries as soon as they confirm their participation. The Department of International Relations of Academy Niš supports the beneficiaries to get in contact with the partner universities, during the visa procedure and preparation of the mobility.